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    How to add links and highlights to your Fanrush profile

    If you’re reading this is because you probably have joined Fanrush, so thank you and welcome to the community! The following is a simple step-by-step of how to add links and highlights into your profile so you can start sending your followers to all your different channels. Adding your first link Once you’ve created your profile by logging in with your Instagram account, you will see a ‘+’ sign in the form of an Instagram post: Click there and a new tab will open with all the required fields. Add a link, title, description and background picture. This picture will be the one shown on your Fanrush feed. Make sure…

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    5 reasons why content creators should choose Fanrush

    Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with over 1 billion active users in 2019 and it’s no secret that with such a high volume of users, many content creators are starting to struggle to keep up with the constant changes in the algorithm, drops in engagement rates and managing a fan base of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers. If you are a content creator or an aspiring one, check out the following 5 amazing features that Fanrush brings to make your life easier when it comes to managing your community on Instagram. A one step sign-up process! That’s right – forget about filling out…

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    When It Comes to Charitable Causes, Influencers Increasingly Lead

    Influencers are aligning their values with causes and helping charities reach larger audiences. Cover photo: Simonetta Lein, top model & Instagram influencer. Photo by Byron Purnell. In the ever more crowded and competitive and waters of the sea of influencers that are flooding instagram a new breed of influencer is emerging that stands out from the crowd.  These influencers take the responsibility of their elevated position in the community seriously and they are using their influence to promote meaningful change. In the past 5 years, we have seen a boom of individuals that have used social media networks to successfully create dedicated communities around niche topics from travel to beauty…

  • 5 Hacks to Create a Meaningful Community on Instagram for Influencers
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    5 Hacks to Create a Meaningful Community on Instagram

    Being an influencer has changed. Communities on Instagram now want more than just selfies from those they follow. The profound shift on the popular photo sharing app towards more value-driven content indicates that fans now crave something more meaningful. Content creators are making a change and using their influence to promote their values and charitable causes. But creating a meaningful community isn’t so simple. To help, we’re here to share 5 hacks that you can use to create a meaningful community of your own on Instagram. 1. Voice your Values The most important, yet commonly overlooked detail is to focus on something you believe in. Authenticity is achieved when your…

  • Fanrush Instagram Platform for Influencers
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    Changing the game for influencers, one link at a time Fanrush is a Barcelona-based startup, founded in 2018 and dedicated to building tools to better connect influencers with their fans. We want to equip influencers with powerful tools to help them get to know their fans on a deeper level, increase engagement rates and make more meaningful interactions with them. Our mission is to empower content creators to become better role models, leaders and entrepreneurs within their communities. Instagram’s limitations for content creators We know that Instagram is the undisputed king of social media networks with 1 billion monthly users and over 9.5 billion posts shared daily by users from…