Fanrush Rewards

What are rewards and how to create one?

Rewards are with no doubt one of today’s consumers favourite thing. Making them feel special will strengthen the bond they have with you, inviting them to spend or consume more of your content in the future. By rewarding them, you have just started a relationship with them.

At Fanrush, we know the importance of having relationships with members of your community and at the same time we understand, from a consumer-point of view, that they need to be rewarded and feel like their part of something, to make them loyal to you. This is where Fanrush rewards come in handy.

What are the Fanrush rewards?

With the rewards system, you’ll be able to verify each and every of your followers that have consumed your content, purchased something from your wishlist or donated to your latest crowdfunding, and reward them for their action. Grant them with an exclusive autographed photo, or an early release of your next video. Be creative and make them feel their purchase was totally worth it.

Creating a reward

In your Fanrush profile you will see a window that says Rewards, right on top of your links.

Fanrush Rewards Instagram tools

Once you click on it the following window will appear.

Fanrush Rewards Instagram tool

Complete the required information, add a photo and hit save. 

This is how the reward will look on your profile:

Once the user uploads the receipt or proof of purchase, you will be able to see it and approve it so that they can start enjoying their reward!

How do you claim a reward as a user?

Simply go to the creator’s profile and right at the top of the links you will see the rewards box with a button that says ‘claim’. Click on claim and the following box will appear, just upload the receipt or confirmation of purchase.

Once the creator approves it, you will get a notification with the link to the reward!

Don’t have a profile yet? Click here to claim your free Fanrush account.

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