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5 reasons why content creators should choose Fanrush

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with over 1 billion active users in 2019 and it’s no secret that with such a high volume of users, many content creators are starting to struggle to keep up with the constant changes in the algorithm, drops in engagement rates and managing a fan base of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers.

If you are a content creator or an aspiring one, check out the following 5 amazing features that Fanrush brings to make your life easier when it comes to managing your community on Instagram.

  1. A one step sign-up process!
Fanrush tool for Instagram influencers

That’s right – forget about filling out forms, adding photos, descriptions and all those annoying steps that might make you think twice before signing up for a new tool for content creators. In Fanrush, we wanted to make this as easy and fast as possible for you, so with just one click you can connect your Instagram account and your profile is created. We use your Instagram profile photo, name and bio, which you can then update as you wish. Claim your profile here.

2. A nicer look and feed that will invite your users to scroll down!

Fanrush Instagram tool for Influencers - user profile

No more boring simple-square text layouts. With Fanrush, your fan will feel like he never left your Instagram and will have access to all your channels. It’s no secret that Instagram became the biggest social platform in the world because it’s purely a visual platform and you know what they say, the first impression is what matters, so as a content creator you want to drive your fans to a place that’s not only useful for them to learn more about you but that invites them to spend more time scrolling down your profile and consuming your content.

3. Highlight that special piece of content you want everyone to see!

Fanrush Instagram tool for Influencers - highlights

Introducing the link highlights, or deeplinks. This cool feature, that no one else offers yet, will allow you to highlight any piece of content from within your link. This means that a user might click on your website link on your Fanrush profile, but instead of taking them directly to your homesite, another window will pop up with up to 3 different links from within your site where you would like to direct that traffic. Could it be that new promo video about your latest collaboration? Or your most recent blog post? You decide where to direct your audience. This feature is also not mandatory, so if you don’t want to highlight anything, you can skip it!

4. Find the real username of your biggest fans with our deep analytics!

Fanrush Instagram tool for influencers - detailed stats

You know what they say – knowledge is power, and what better form of power than knowing who your biggest fans are and who is interacting the most with your links? Building connections with the people who follow you on Instagram was never that easy. Through our detailed stats system, you will not only be able to see the name but the Instagram handle of that person who is always consuming your content. This way you can reward them or even just send them a very personalised thank you that will, with no doubt, make them even more loyal to you!

5. And once you know who your most loyal fans are, you can reward them.

Fanrush Instagram tool for influencers - rewards

Franrush rewards will help you have a better control of what your fans are consuming. Are they buying a video clip, donated to your latest cause or helping you with that crowdfunding? They will be able to upload the receipt or proof of purchase into our system and unlock whatever reward you have decided to make for them! This will certainly invite them to engage even more with you not only on Fanrush but also on Instagram!

Bonus – We forgot to mention it’s free to join, and will always be!

If this is not enough to convince you why you should choose Fanrush as your new link aggregator tool, we will be rolling out new features every month that will definitely revolutionize the way in which content creators manage and control their fanbase on Instagram.

Claim your free profile at www.fanrush.com

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