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Changing the game for influencers, one link at a time

Fanrush is a Barcelona-based startup, founded in 2018 and dedicated to building tools to better connect influencers with their fans. We want to equip influencers with powerful tools to help them get to know their fans on a deeper level, increase engagement rates and make more meaningful interactions with them. Our mission is to empower content creators to become better role models, leaders and entrepreneurs within their communities.

Instagram’s limitations for content creators

We know that Instagram is the undisputed king of social media networks with 1 billion monthly users and over 9.5 billion posts shared daily by users from all around the world. We see many influencers doing amazing things on Instagram, but their potential is limited due to restrictions on the platform.

With a combined experience in the digital entertainment industry of over 15 years, the Fanrush team consists of marketing experts, developers and influencer specialists. We came together to connect the dots and create the solution to Instagram’s limitations for content creators.

The Fanrush solution

To begin, we’re solving the problem of Instagram users only having one link in their bio. This limits many influencers and brands that want to share different things with their followers. Even Instagram users that have over 10k followers and can set a swipe-up link in their stories have the limitation of only being able to use one link at a time.

To solve this, we’ve created a tool that allows influencers to optimise their Instagram traffic. With Fanrush, users can link to multiple channels of their choice and drive their followers to all their content in one place. What’s great for the users is that the look and feel of instagram is maintained, providing a seamless journey to discovering content from their favourite content creator.

Fanrush is a solution for influencers that solves the one-link problem
Fanrush solves the problem of Instagram users only having one link in their bio.

Intelligence is key

Furthermore, we also help influencers understand their communities better with custom analytics. This means that you can see what your most popular links are, and even the specific instagram handles of the individuals that have clicked each link.

What’s most interesting for influencers is the ability to see your most loyal fans, ranked by who has interacted with your links the most. This creates opportunities to develop more meaningful relationships with your most interactive and engaged fans.

Monetising Instagram traffic

It’s perfect for any influencer that wants to share content from any sources outside of Instagram. With Fanrush, you can link to your YouTube, blog, online store, Patreon or any other content source you want to share.

It’s especially exciting for any content creator that wants to monetise their Instagram community. Photographers, fitness models, fashion models, bloggers, chefs and anyone who can put a price to the work they create will benefit from the Fanrush tools.

Imagine being able to identify your most engaged users when you’re monetising your Instagram traffic. Fanrush connects the content content creator with their fans, and also with powerful insights into their communities.

Are you an influencer and think you could be a good fit?

We’re only working with a small number of selected influencers and partners for the first release of Fanrush. While we’ll be opening up signups to the general public later this year, for now we’re concentrating on carefully selected content creators.

Enter your details below now to be the first to know about opportunities to become a Fanrush member for free.

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